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A Word from the Editor


Hey O, welcome to the Nerdy Practitioners I am you Host/Editor Nerdy C and thank you for joining us here on our website. This is a website dedicated to all things nerdy and geeky. Initially, it'll all begin with video game reviews and video game history but I'm looking forward to adding more content as time goes on, such as board games, films and other areas of Nerd-um.

So why did I make the site? Well, truth be told I was already associated with a site to review video games but what with the world been as it was in 2020, let's say that my usual outlet for reviews unfortunately disappeared?


In need of an outlet but having no one to really send my reviews to I got to thinking why don't I just make my own website? That way I don't have to worry about my reviews going missing and I can be my own editor.

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